2016 Libertarian National Convention

An experience I will never ever forget. I was honored to have been a delegate for Ohio's LP at the age of 17. I met hundreds of spectacular Libertarians who share the same vision of advancing liberty in our lifetimes through the Libertarian Party. 

Libertarian Party of Texas

Working with the amazing members of the Libertarian Party of Texas was something I will never forget. The above photo is me speaking at an executive committee meeting in 2016. I look forward to the future with plans to help build up the state affiliates of the LP. My goal is to give state and local level candidates, and their state parties, the tools they need to compete and win. 


Being the associate editor for both The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral has been overwhelmingly rewarding for me. Whether it has been the articles that get 10k+ shares, or the interviews with Jill Stein and Ken Bone, or even the press conference with Richard Spencer that landed my face in Rolling Stone, Washington Post, NBC, Politico and others - this role has been very special to me.

Public Speaking

I greatly enjoy public speaking. The photo above was at an event in Houston, TX, for Libertarian candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner Mark Miller.


I chose this photo of me with Larry Sharpe for a specific reason. I look up to Larry Sharpe for many reasons, the biggest reason being that he is always a unifying voice of reason. I seek to be the same. 


Teamwork is incredibly important to me. I believe that there are few greater forces than that of a group of individuals, united as a team, fighting towards a common goal. Which leads me to say, what better goal is there than LIBERTY?